Hero Craft is a Total Conversion of the Dungeon Craft (DC) engine for Super Hero role playing. This project is heavily inspired by Nol Drek's Super Hero Unlimited Adventures (SHUA) world hack for Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA). Since DC is an update of FRUA, it seems only fitting that there should be an update for SHUA.

All likenesses, logos and names used in this site are property of their respective owners - Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse, Top Cow (and/or their parent companies) just to name a few. My use of said likenesses, logos and names is the work of a devoted fan and no attempt to profit from them or compete with other media (as if) is intended.


12-30-13: (manikus)

It's been a long time sicne I've updated this page, and that's because it's been a long time since I've done anything for Hero Craft. Recently, however, I have gotten motivated to work on this project again. As such I have created some new icons, mostly for Marvel, but several for DC as well.
The big thing is that I've decided that this doesn't need to be a conversin of SHUA (Nol Drek's Super Hero Unlimited Adventures "total conversion" for FRUA), but instead will be the heir to SHUA since DC is not constrained by the databases in the same way that FRUA is. Most notably, class names are going to be different and not include multi-classes, and there will be different race options. I've also added classes and races that are for NPC use (they are inherently more powerful than the other classes and races, respectively), but can easily be set to use for PCs if the designer so desires.

11-19-10: (manikus)

Today I've uploaded the first batch of new walls. There are technically 24 walls total, but really it's 12 different walls, and a shaded version of each wall. Click on the thumbnail to be taken to a page that has both versions of each wall.

I have more on the way, pershaps I will get to them this weekend. I do plan doing some backdrops to go with these walls, but I want to do more walls first.

11-18-10: (manikus)

Major update to the Marvel sections on the Hero Portraits and Villain Portraits pages. You'll have to see it to believe it. I also changed the format for these two pages to list the names of the super goodies and super baddies for all images to help you find the picture you want.

11-02-10: (manikus)

There is a major addition today of Image comics smallpics for heroes and villains and 9 big pics. The Image production designation includes WildStorm (pre-DC) and Top Cow comic lines. When the database of characters is ready, there will be stats for all of the Image heroes and villains.

10-29-10: (manikus)

I added hero and villain portraits, as well as a couple of big pics in the Dark Horse section. The images are from Hellboy and Aeon Flux.

10-26-10: (manikus)

Okay, only a little over a month and a half later and all the art is up, unless you count what isn't from DC or Marvel. Big and small pictures for Image and Top Cow should be done in a week or so, and I still need to get more source images from Dark Horse comics before I start converting them.

At this time there is only a couple of walls and backgrounds done, but when I get a chance I'll do more. There is also a frame set for use with Hero Craft and it comes with it's own config.txt because I altered the size of the borders a bit - but don't worry because all small pics, big pics, backgrounds, walls and sprites, not to mention the icons and combat walls and combat wildernesses are all still the default DC size and appear at the same place on the screen. I already have a second frame set in the works.

I have done little on the databases recently, because all of my DC time is being taken up by fixing bugs and trying to get version 1.0 out the door. The sooner I can do that, the sooner we can have databases for Hero Craft. 8^}

09-09-10: (manikus)

Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! No. None of those things. What it is in this case is a web site devoted to art work for Hero Craft, a Super Hero and Villain Total Conversion for Dungeon Craft.

I'll be adding lots of stuff today and over the next few days - I have a couple of hundred small pics/portraits ready to go, close to two dozen big pictures, not to mention some new walls, backdrops and a frame set (with a config.txt) ready to go at this point. There is lots more of everything to come.

I'll also be posting status updates for doing the real work of converting the databases as well. As of today, all monsters and NPCs from SHUA have been successfully imported, but without powers as those rely on the items in SHUA, which DC can't import. DC allows different options than FRUA, so a conversion of it allows different options as well - it is likely that some, if not most super powers derived from items in SHUA, will be done with special abilities in Hero Craft. For this to happen, I need to figure out an easy way for players to create their own super heroes for use as PCs. I may be able to do this with a training level like in SHUA, but I won't be sure until I try it.

All art and the config.txt are usable in the current version of DC - .914; but, I'm aiming at making Hero Craft a creature of the upcoming version 1.0. Does this mean that Hero Craft won't be ready to use until version 1.0 comes out? That depends. If I can do everything that needs to be done with the current testing version and I can get someone to test for me (when I'm ready of course), I don't see why Hero Craft can't be released earlier than version 1.0. With that being said, I suspect that the amount of work Paul and I have left on version 1.0 is less than the amount to get Hero Craft out. We'll just have to see what happens. As with all work, the more people that help, the faster it will go.