The City of Erraxy

Updated 2/8/11

The City Base Files
DRAGON magazine articles for 1e city building:
"A Room For The Knight:"
     Inns and taverns in fantasy-game cities
Building Blocks, City Style
Step-by-step system for urban encounters
That's life in the big city
     Advice on creating authentic urban environments
The Long Arm of the Law
     Law enforcement in the AD&DŽ game urban setting

Updated 2/8/11

manikus has unveiled the grand scheme of the city, well at least in 4 of its wards. The City is officially named "Erraxy" (a nod to E. Gary Gygax). The Bazaar District northeast of the City Center is a major center of commerce for Erraxy and is the premiere "commoner" business area. The Arena District southeast of the City Center is home to the ancient "Arena of Erraxy", home to everything from horse racing to theatre performances to gladiatorial fighting. Sourtheast of the Arena District are the Docks, which are dominated by warehouses, seedy taverns and hostels full of visiting sailors, caravan guards and warehouse workers.

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Updated 11/29/08

Dinonykos has moved in to Ward F.

Updated 11/17/08

New version of the base is up! It's still just the City Center but there is a lot more to see and some stuff to do.

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City Center connects to each of the following:
Ward A 22,29
Ward B 22,7
Ward C 0,14
Ward D 7,0
Ward E 22,0
Ward F 29,14
So, these are the points where you need to connect to the City Center. You may esablish your own links (just 1 each) to the city wards that border it.

The Bazaar District connects to each of the following:
Ward A 29,18
Ward C 7,0
Ward I N/A
Ward J N/A
Ward K N/A
City Center 7,29
These are the locations where you need to connect to the Bazaar District. Note, I've supplied the cooordinates for your Ward. :)

The Arena District connect to the surrounding wards:
City Center 22,29
Ward C 7,29
Ward E 29,15
Ward M 0,15
Ward N 7,0
Ward O 22,0
These are the locations in each of the respective areas where you need to connect to the Arena District.

The Docks connect to each of the following:
Ward D 22,29
Ward M 6,29
Ward O 15,29
These are the coordinates in the listed Wards to connect to the Docks area.