Dungeon Craft Links

Active Sites
World's Edge- Uatu's site for DC graphics
Dinonykos DC- Dinonykos DC art and tutorials
The City - The City Group Project
Hero Craft - Super Hero Total Conversion for Dungeon Craft

Inactive Sites
Steve McDonald- Steve McDonald's DC Art
Dreamlands- Jörg Weber's DC site
Kaltusara's DC- Marc's DC site
The Ironworks- Dan Huling has created a great place to view and download DC art
Dungeon Craft Corner- Tarlanon's DC site
The Hollow- John Donlan's DC art site
TwilightKing's DC- An art site by TwilightKing
The Magic Mirror- A searchable archive site that has designs and artwork for use with Dungeon Craft

FRUA sites
SHUA - Nol Drek's SHUA website
CorHub- Large collection of FRUA art


Audacity- Free audio editor
Terragen- Free photorealistic terrain generator
GMax- Free 3D mesh editing, based on 3DMax
The GIMP- Free image editor