Basic Example: Bug Report for Magic Missile



===== spell: Magic Missile =====

SA: none

Affected Attribute: Hit Points


***** WIZARD40 casts Magic Missile on Ogre *****

We run:

spell: Magic Missile

...SA: none

...SE: Magic Missile

......Effect is instant, so no SE attached

...Affected Attribute: HP

......-23 HP done

monster: Ogre

SA: none

SE: none

Affected Attribute: HP

...17 HP / 40 HP (17 current HP out of 40 max HP)

The Magic Missile spell damages the target as expected, but not for the correct amount of damage. Here is the problems:

  1. The damage done is -(1d4+1)*((level+1)/2), and the level of the caster WIZARD40, is 40 -> -(1d4+1)*((40+1)/2). DC always rounds down in these situations, so we should have -(1d4+1)*20; which means the spell should only do 40, 60, 80 or 100 HP of damage, instead of the 23 HP done.

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