Intermediate Tutorial: Using a Logic Block Event to Change the Icon Index

To use a Logic Block event to change the icon index for a PC or NPC, you need to follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Decide which member of your party you want to change. the icon for You will need to prepare an appropriate icon before you continue. Standard PC icons are 96x48 pixels, when an icon is wider in multiples of 96, DC will only read the first (left-most) 96x48 frame. If you wanted to have an icon with two framesets, for example, your icon would be 192x48, and have two framesets each with a ready and action pose.
  2. The next step is to decide where to place your Logic Block event. It it useful to place it in the same cell where you plan on placing the combat event. If you have already placed the combat event. you can insert it before the combat event.
  3. Setting the Icon Index

  4. For this use of the Logic Block, we are only interested in the "First Action" box. As we are not using any other features of the Logic Block to determine anything, we want to set the action to "Always".
  5. To set the icon index. Click on the arrow for the drop-down menu under First Action. Select "Select Icon Index By Name".
  6. In the box below the drop-down menu, type "Name=#" where Name is the name of the PC or NPC you want to change the icon for and # is the index number. for the purpose of this event, the indexing starts at 1.
  7. To test the event to make sure it works the way you want it to, first, save your design. Next, hit the key combination of CTRL+t to enter test level mode. Move to the cell that contains the Logic Block event, and then proceed to the combat event. You will now be seeing the second, third or whichever icon frameset you chose.
  8. The new frameset will continue to be used until the frameset is changed back or to a different frameset. To do this, repeat the appropriate steps above as needed.

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