Basic Tutorial: Using Event Trigger - Execute GPDL function

Spell in Effect


GPDL scripts offer great flexibility in determining whether an event should fire. Many parameters can be tested in a single script, which may eliminate the need for multiple chained events. It can also improve the game flow by performing tasks without player input.

For example, here is a script to use to test if a spell is in effect.

$RETURN $IS_AFFECTED_BY_SPELL( $Myself(), "My Spell" );

Script notes:

Slightly more complicated, is the introduction of a $WHILE loop to check each party member for the spell effect.

$VAR index;
$VAR name;
index = 0;
$WHILE (index <# $PARTYSIZE())
  name = $GET_CHAR_NAME(index);
  $IF ($IS_AFFECTED_BY_SPELL($Name(name),"My Spell"))
    {$RETURN 1;};
  index = index +# 1;

Script notes:

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