Basic Tutorial: Adding an Item

  1. To create a new item, click on 'Database' on the upper menu, and from the drop-down menu, choose 'Add Items...' or by using 'CTRL+I' hotkey combination.
  2. Adding an Item

  3. Select 'Add' to open the Item Properties window.
  4. I've decided to make a 'Goblin Knife' that will not have any special abilities or attributes. Type 'Goblin Knife' in the Name and ID Name fields.
  5. Goblin knives are low quality and therefore cheap - enter a '1' for cost.
  6. The encumbrance is the weight for the character - 10 equals one pound. The goblin knife weighs two and a half pounds, so enter '25'.
  7. Goblin knives can not be bundled together, enter a '1'.
  8. This item is not worth any Experience Points, enter a "0".
  9. The goblin knife is a weapon, so it is carried in the weapon hand and only requires one hand to use. Enter 'WEAPON' in the box.
  10. A goblin knife offers no protection, so enter a '0'.
  11. I do not want to associate any sounds or images with this item, so I leave these alone.
  12. From the weapon type drop-down menu, I choose the proper weapon type for the goblin knife - Hand held, cutting.
  13. Because I want the goblin knife to be used only once every round, the ROF/rnd (Rate of fire per round) is set to '1'. As the knife is a melee weapon, I set it '1' so that only adjacent combatants may be attacked.
  14. The damage done to each combatant is 1d4 (one four-sided dice) and entered as shown.
  15. I want the goblin knife to be able to be found by the party after the combat, and subsequently traded between members or sold in a shop, so the box is checked.
  16. This item has not Magical Properties, since I did not use this button.
  17. I do not want the player to be able to 'Examine' the item so I did not use this feature.
  18. I chose not to have a special attack message so left this as the default 'attacks'.
  19. This is the button for selecting which classes may use this item (see below).
  20. I've decided that clerics and druids can not use the goblin knife, but that all other classes may.
  21. All that is left to do is to select 'OK' 3 times to get back to the main editor and save your work.

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