Basic Tutorial: Placing a Tavern Event

To prepare to place an event, choose Event Mode, either by the Mode option on the top menu or by choosing the "E".

Choosing a Tavern Event

  1. To place the Tavern event, click on the square you wish to hold the event. This will open the Event Editor. The event slot for the chosen square will be highlighted.
  2. From the Event Type dropdown menu, choose Tavern.
  3. Click "Add" to open the event dialog.
  4. Tavern Event

  5. To select an image to represent the tavern or tavernkeep, press this button to open the dialog to choose a small pic.
  6. 'Force Exit' controls whether or not the party will be allowed to stay in the building when the tavern event is done; by default it is checked. 'Allow Fight Chain' controls whether the party can pick a fight in the tavern and provides a chain in the event editor to place a Combat or other event; by default it is checked, but it is up to the designer to add a the necessary event. 'Allow Drinks' controls whether or not the party can buy drinks in the tavern; by default it is unchecked, so you need to check so that drinks can be added.
  7. Enter the message you wish the party to see when they enter the tavern. The message is displayed every time they enter.
  8. The box accepts words up to 15 characters that are tne names of your drinks. The point value can be anything from 0 to 99 (untested for higher numbers). Use the arrows on the left side to scroll between the drinks. Up to 5 drinks per tavern may be defined.
  9. If you want something to happen when the party has had a certain amount to drink. This value is reset every time the party leaves and re-enters the tavern.
  10. This text box is for entering Tavern Tales - what the party reads when they press 'Listen' during play. The text box accepts the same special tags as the Text Statement eventfor highlighting and colors (see Text Statement event).
  11. Use the arrow keys to scroll between the various Tavern Tales you wish the party to be able to see. You may have up to 20 different tales per tavern.
  12. These options allow control over how the Tavern Tales are told. You can decide that they either be told in the order you entered them (the default choice), or in a random order. You can also decide to have the Tavern Tales only told one time, or as many times as the player wishes to listen to them.

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