Converting pre-version 1.0 designs and player characters

Converting designs:

Converting designs from version .914 and earlier to version 1.0 and later is a simple and straight-forward process. Please make a back-up of your work before converting - once it's saved in a later edition editor, you can't go back...

  1. Open game design (folder that ends with .dsn)
  2. Create folder called 'Data'
  3. Create folder called 'Resources'
  4. Rename folder 'Save' to 'Saves'
  5. Right-click in a blank area of your folder, choose 'Arrange Icons By' -> 'Type'
  6. Select all files ending in .avi, .bmp, .jpg, .mid, .mp3, .pcx, .png, .tga, and .wav and drag to 'Resources' folder
  7. Select all files ending in .dat, .lvl, .txt and drag to 'Data' folder (you may wish to store .txt files in this folder as well)
  8. Delete any extra files such as shortcuts
  9. Copy UAFWin.exe into folder (it is found in the "editor" folder)

Converting player characters:

  1. Open the .914 design and join all characters you wish to save to a party and save the game. Repeat this as many times as is needed for all the characters
  2. Follow the steps above to convert your design to the new format.
  3. Open the design using the version 1.0 engine (or in the new editor)
  4. Load the saved party
  5. From the initial menu, Remove each character from the party - this will save them in the new format for use with version 1.0

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